These are personal projects, listed for vague, archival purposes, as well as for fun.


A summary of CDC COVID data.

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Nootropic Cat Treats

This is an ongoing project, though sporadically updated. It generates a little cat treat for your brain.

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This is an ongoing project. It is a collection of biblical resources.

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American Revolution Timeline

This is an ongoing project.

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Fantasy NBA Rankings

This is no longer updated.

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Full Stack for Front-End Engineers Notes

My notes from taking Jem Young's Full Stack for Front-End Engineers notes on Frontend Masters.

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Indiana’s Population Density

I made a map of Indiana’s population density.

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Blot Out the Sun

This is a game I made while first learning JavaScript.

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Ivy Student Voice

I served as a writer, editor, page layout designer, and launched the first website of Ivy Tech Bloomington's student newspaper in 2015.

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As a final project for a computer science class, I created a program in C++ to parse html files and detect unclosed tags.

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