tinker coffee subscription box

I just received my first shipment from a Tinker Coffee subscription. They sent 4 light roasted, single-origin bags, one from each of Guatemala, Columbia, Malawi, and Ethiopia.

About 2 years ago, I subscribed to Blue Bottle’s subscription service for a few months, but I canceled it because the price seemed steep and the blends didn’t seem quite as impressive as my memories of the few trips to San Francisco I’ve taken, sitting in a Blue Bottle store.

Since then, it looks like Blue Bottle lowered their prices. I think I was paying $19 per blend 2 years ago. Now, it looks like they’ll ship 3 blends for $40 (~$13.33 per 12 oz. bag before shipping, so maybe $15 per bag). From Tinker, I’m getting 4 different single-origins each month for a total of $50, including shipping ($12.50 per 12 oz. bag).

With Tinker’s subscription, they charge you on the first day of every month and ship on the first Tuesday of every month. The coffee they send gets roasted somewhere in-between.

Tinker Coffee is from Indianapolis. I had first heard about them because they started supplying Uel Zing with their signature blend. Uel Zing started selling other offerings from Tinker in their store, so I ended up going in to Uel Zing to buy Tinker’s coffee fairly frequently.

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